Health and Safety Advice

  • Participants should read the details of the activity and acknowledge the activity is physically demanding, and may cause physical injury or even death.
  • Participants should be well trained and physically fit for the activity. For any question, please consult medical professionals in advance.
  • Participants who are pregnant or with chronic diseases, like heart disease and high blood pressure, are not recommended to participate in Running and Cycling during the activity.
  • During the activity, participants are suggested to be attentive to their own physical conditions. If they feel unwell, please stop immediately.
  • Participants must comply with the traffic regulation and pay attention to vehicles when crossing the road.
  • Participants must bear full responsibility for their health, safety and third-party liabilities during the activity. Participants are advised to purchase their own insurance cover if necessary. The organizer, affiliated corporation(s) and all of the staff will not be liable for the health, safety and third-party liabilities of participants.