Notice to Participants

Suggested Gear
Participants are responsible for applying appropriate gear, in good condition, for their outdoor activity.

Number BIB
Participants and pets are requested to wear their number BIBs in the front side of body during the race.

No Shortcut
All participants must follow the course. Participants will be disqualified if they are found taking shortcuts. Participants of Cycling are required to stay on the cycling track during the race.

No Littering
No littering is allowed on the course. If any participant is found littering, his or her result will be disqualified. Please responsibly dispose of your trash in the rubbish bin along the road and at the finish line.

No Appeal
The organizer’s decision on any disqualification is final.

In case of emergency, please call the police.

Adverse weather
Participants are recommended to check the weather forecast from Hong Kong Observatory. Do not start in case of adverse weather conditions (e.g. typhoon, heavy rain, thunderstorm). If participants face adverse weather conditions during the activity, please stop and stay under well-structured shelter.